Monday, August 18, 2014

Sneak Peek! Darling Girl Cosmetics "The Black Collection"

Double blog post today! This time I have another sneak peek of an upcoming Darling Girl collection for you. Also set to launch sometime in September with the "Who Ya Gonna Call?" collection, "The Black Collection" is based of of the popular TV show Orange is the New Black. I"m going to be honest and tell you all that I have never actually seen the show. I'd like to see it, but without access to a decent internet connection, I can't use anything like Netflix to get caught up on the series :( Not seeing the show isn't going to stop me from loving these new shades though, even if I don't get the meaning behind their names!

Keep reading for the swatches!

From left to right:

Taystee Girl, The Swirl, Duct Tape Couture, Red (Pixie Sprinkles), Pennsatucky (Pixie Sprinkles), Marzipan Nipples, Dandelion, Pornstache, Squat and Cough, Slocked, Throwing Pie, Tit Punch.

My favorites are Duct Tape Couture, Pornstache, Pennsatucky, and Throwing Pie.

Here's a quick look I put together using Slocked, Pornstache, and Pennsatucky!

The sparkle isn't showing up here as awesomely as it does in person :(

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