Monday, August 18, 2014

HUGE Darling Girl Haul Swatches!

Ok, so maybe its not really huge, but it is a whole lot of awesome goodies and I just feel like sharing them all with you! Just a heads up-there are four shades that will be included in this post that are not available for purchase :( If I can come up with some alternatives for them, I will add them in later. Here we go!

*Note* I am pulling shade descriptions directly from the DG website...I'm awful at describing colors.

From left to right:
Basket Case: Bright purple with turquoise shift and gold sparkles
Ermahgerd: Pastel orange with a silvery green flash and subtle shift to coral
Miss Argentina: Pale minty slightly blueish green with red undertones, flashes of copper and lavender shimmer
Honey Pot: Loud mouth orange-y gold
Fra-Gee-Lay: Midtone royal purple with subtle blue sheen and pink shimmer
Beso de la Muerte: Deep burnished golden taupe with color shifting pink sparkles
F*Bomb: Blueish green base with a strong golden sheen and sparkling iridescence that shifts from gold to blue
Heirloom: Beige with silvery green iridescence and purple sparkles
Scarab: Deep dirty plum with a strong green shift
My Own, My Love, My Precious: Blackened green with a coppery red shift
Farmer Ted: Cocoa brown with a strong pink shift
You'll Shoot Your Eye Out: Brilliant jewel toned blue
Leviathan: Rich teal with a strong green flash and a subtle shift to periwinkle

These shades are from the Matte I'd Like to Find (MILF) collection:

Tempting Tryst: Mid tone grey brown
Hidden Garden: Very soft peachy tan
Kilt-y Pleasures: Mid tone milk chocolate brown
Between the Sheets: Light plummy brown

These five shades are Darling Girl's newest offering: semi-loose pigments!

Antiquity: Golden olive with an almost metallic sheen and a light sprinkling of purple sparkle
Rendezvous: Plummy neutral base with a strong gold sheen
Clandestine: Bronze with pinkish undertones
Que Sera Sera: Slightly blackened purple with blue sheen and silver iridescence
Blushsing Rose: Peachy pink with violet undertones

Wildly Dancing Children: Rich eggplant with black undertones and red iridescence
10 Chalupas (GWP): Soft neutral with a purple sheen and aqua iridescence
Treasure Map: Golden brown with green to rosy gold shift
Houdini (Momentary Marvel): Blackened taupe brown base with pink to gold shift and pink sparkles

Whew! That was a lot of swatching there. Do you own any of these gorgeous shades? Is there anything you see here that you just HAVE to have?

Hope you all enjoyed this massive swatch post!

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