Wednesday, June 18, 2014

First Impression: Sugar Cosmetics

Hello everyone! Today I bring you my first impressions of a few different products from Sugar Cosmetics. Sugar Cosmetics is a makeup line connected with the Sugar Shoes brand. I had heard of Sugar Shoes before, but did not know they had a line of cosmetics until I spotted them on Hautelook. Since everything on Hautelook is marked down, I figured it would be a good opportunity to try out the brand. According to the Sugar Shoes website, these products are available for purchase from Kohl's and Amazon at a price point only slightly higher than most drugstore brands.This post is just my first impressions based on my swatches-stay tuned for another post with a more in depth review!

First up, the eyeliners!

I selected on of their liquid eyeliners, called Line-a-licious Felt Tip Liquid Eye Liner in Stiletto, which is black. I also picked up four of their ME-OW Cat Eye Sparkle Eye Liners in the shades Purr, On the Prowl, Kitten, and Feline.

Swatches from top to botton: Stiletto, Kitten, Feline, Purr, On the Prowl.

Stilletto is impressive: its an inky black liquid liner that glides easily across the skin with no tugging or skipping. Once it dried down, I tried rubbing it off with no luck-this liner doesn't budge! As for the pencil liners, they are automatic and have a slanted wedge tip to help you create the perfect wing. I can't attest to that just yet, but I can say that with the exception of Purr, these liners went on smooth and easy without tugging. Purr dragged slightly and as you can see applied quite patchy.

On to the eye shadow palette in Smoked. This palette includes four powder eye shadows and one glitter cream.

The glitter cream is typical for its type, a clear gel base with holographic glitter suspended in it. It is very pretty, but as with all glitter creams, I see the potential for creasing on the eyelids. As for the powder shadows, they are buttery smooth. They have decent pigmentation, which I can see being amplified if applied over a base. I didn't generate any fallout in the palette when swatching these shadows.

I think, for my first impression, that these products are pretty good for the price. I am most impressed with the liquid liner- I hope it wears as well on my eyes as the swatch on my hand did!

Have you ever heard of or tried Sugar Cosmetics?

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