Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Chinovi Cosmetics - Swatches and EOTD

I placed my very first order with Chinovi Cosmetics on Black Friday (they were having an awesome sale), and I just received my package yesterday! I've heard so many good things about the brand, but I just now got around to ordering.  The shadows are soooooo gorgeous and pigmented and all-around amazing! If you'd like to see some swatches and my first look with my new pretties, keep reading after the break!

Let's get started with the swatches! (All done over Tick:Tock Cosmetics Infinity Eye Shadow Base in Milky Way, shade descriptions are from Chinovi's website, with the exception of the LE Grab Bag shadows.)

This first set of swatches are the colors from the Fall 2013 collection! From left to right:

Pumpkin Pie- pumpkin orange with red and magenta sparkle
Cheesy Potatoes - shimmery ivory with copper shift and copper and bronze sparkle
Gravy Drippings - chocolate brown with green shift and red and purple sparkle
Cranberry Sauce - vibrant pink with silver and green shimmer
Autumn Salad - soft sage green with a coppery orange shift
Fried Turkey - peachy nude with green shift and red, green, and gold sparkle

This next set of swatches are the colors of the Silver Bells (Holiday 2013) collection:

Busy Sidewalks - eggplant purple with red and blue sparkle
Smile After Smile - rich gold with lots of silver sparkle
Ring a Ling - sapphire with a red cast and gold and purple sparkle
Holiday Style - emerald green with purple, red, and copper shimmer
Silver Bells - white silver with soft golden sparkle
Children Laughing - wine red with a golden sheen and gold sparkle

The final set of swatches I have for you is a Grab Bag, which includes five limited edition shades that are only available through the grab bag. I love that this particular set's shade names are inspired by Black Friday!. I'm going to let the swatches speak for themselves here since I am absolutely terrible at giving my own accurate shade descriptions:

First in Line
Store Hopping
Ad Surfing
Turkey Leftovers

Ring a Ling, Sale!, Busy Sidewalks, Pumpkin Pie, and Gravy Drippings are my favorite shades out of the bunch, just based on swatches. I'm sure every one will be my favorite after I get to use them all.

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for (haha), my first look using Chinovi Cosmetics! For this look I used Silver bells, Ad Surfing, and Ring a Ling, along with my usual UD Walk of Shame to highlight.

I hope you all enjoyed this swatch post! Have you ever tried Chinovi Cosmetics? If you have, what are your favorite shades?

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