Monday, November 3, 2014

Darling Girl Cosmetics - The Darling Whos Swatches!

Whoa, it's been over a month since I last blogged...sorry about that! I'm not as active here as I ought to be, but please feel free to check out my Instagram, I post there almost daily! :)

Let's get to the fun stuff! Today I have swatches of Darling Girl's 2014 Christmas Collection - The Darling Whos! Each shade in this collection is a cute play on the names of the Darling Girls, a group of awesome ladies (myself included) who share their love of all things Darling Girl! <3

Ready for some swatches? Keep reading :)

Aranza Zazu Who- blackened antique gold

Chelsie-Roo Who- Vibrant fuchsia with silvery green flashes

Cupcake-Woo Who- Shimmering royal blue

Darling Sue Who- Cranberry pink with purple sparkle and a golden green shift

Emma-Loo Who- Glistening pale mauve with blue, green, and turquoise sheen

Jaycee-Boo Who- Silvery and golden taupe

Lefty-Loo Who- Shimmering pine green

Niecy-Woo Who- Burgundy with violet sheen

Sammi-Sue Who- Royal purple with golden shimmer

Tati-Too Who- Glowing copper

All together....

This collection is available RIGHT NOW at!!!!!!

Show some love to my fellow Darling Girls, you won't be disappointed!

Aranza (Aranza Zazu Who) - Blog Instagram Facebook

Chelsie (Chelsie-Roo Who) - That's me :D

Susan (Darling Sue Who) - The amazingly awesome owner of Darling Girl Cosmetics

Tattiana (Tati-Too Who) - Instagram Facebook

Denise (Niecy-Woo Who) - Blog Instagram Facebook

Sarah (Lefty-Loo Who) - Blog Instagram

Jeni (Jaycee-Boo Who) - Blog Instagram Facebook

Emily (Emma-Loo Who) - Blog Instagram Facebook

Annelise (Cupcake-Woo Who) - Blog Instagram

Samantha (Sammi-Sue Who) - Blog Instagram

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