Monday, March 10, 2014

Darling Girl Cosmetics "One Hit Wonders V.1 The 80's" Swatches

Hello everyone! Today I have a swatch post for you featuring the newest Darling Girl Cosmetics collection, One Hit Wonders V.1 The 80's! Each shadow was inspired by a popular song of the 80's. I wasn't alive during the 80's, but I will admit I love the music!

Keep reading after the break for the swatches!!

*All swatches are done over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk*
*Shade descriptions come directly from Darling Girl Cosmetics*

From left to right:

Come on Eileen- Slate green satin pearl with a hint of blue iridescence.
I Melt With You- Smoky plum with pinkish undertones and very subtle pink iridescence.
Hey Mickey- Berry red with blue undertones and silver iridescence.
I Want Candy- Ruddy orange with a reddish orange sheen and red undertones.
Turning Japanese- Golden champagne with pink to green shift and green and gold iridescence.

Mexican Radio- Deep brown pearl loaded with shifting pink to gold sparkle.
Electric Avenue- Bright spearmint green with turquoise to blue to violet to gold color shifting iridescence.
99 Luft Balloons (Diamond Dust)- Purplish blue with red color shifting sparkle. The sparkle shifts from a                                                            pinky red to gold.
Video Killed the Radio Star- Light grey/silver base with blue sheen and plenty of iridescence.
The Safety Dance- Safety orange with a reddish orange sheen and blue sparkle.

My favorite shades from the collection are Hey Mickey (that blue/silver shift *drools*) and 99 Luft Balloons (purple+sparkle=love).

What shades from this collection do you like? I'd love to know! :)

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